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Touch navigation in Windows - use standard UI

Todd Tibbetts


I agree with the many posts emphasizing the need for better pen and touch support for handwriting and drawing on Windows 10.  I'd like to make a related request: 

Please improve the behavior of the app when trying to navigate via touch.  The touch interface provides a specific UI for selecting vs scrolling which is used by most other apps, with the default behavior being to scroll/move within the note.  Right now, however, Evernote does not use the UI defaults.   The default behavior when interacting via touch with blocks of text should be to scroll up or down.  In Evernote, the default behavior is to select text rather than to scroll.    This forces the user to try to interact with the tiny scroll bars which almost inevitably fails and forces the use of mouse or trackpad.

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Well I came to the forum to see what has been said already about using the windows version with a tablet. Looks like I'm not alone. I'm a premium customer, but often find I can't be bothered using Evernote on windows with my Surface because I find the UI fiddly and frustrating! Bring back Windows Touch, or fix this hot mess of an app Evernote.


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Evernote's windows client needs some serious work to be a fully touch screen / pen enabled product like OneNote. I'm one that is very intrigued about how OneNote is making full use of the touch and pen capabilities of my Surface. The only thing keeping me with Evernote now is the tagging system. I don't think Microsoft is not going to soon pick up on that and make the OneNote tagging system on par with Evernote's. If this happen, Evernote should expect mass migrations of WIndows users.

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Microsoft Surface - I now have a weird quirk - when I open a note, it automatically places the cursor in the title, as per the option.  When I tap the screen in the body of the note, the cursor moves* there but when I type it is entered into the title.

* And also remains in the title bar.

I have to tap using the mouse pad to get the cursor into the body.  BTW, I can select, cut, copy text in the body by touching the screen, but as soon as I type or paste, it goes into the title bar.


This is the only application that this happens to.

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Also adding my voice to the choir! I'm a heavy Surface and Evernote user having switched from Onenote. At first I really appreciate the tag system and Evernote's UI, however, with Win10 increasingly rolling out more ink / touch functions, Evernote seems rather indifferent to this trend. This almost let me consider switching back to Onenote. It's sorry that I see little ambitions and priorities on the Evernote side to improve Win10 user's experience.

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Adding my voice to the choir.  I grew up with Windows, then became an avid Mac users.  Circumstances led me back to Windows.  I use Windows 10 on a Dell laptop with a nice touchscreen.  At first I thought it was a gimmick.  I have an iPad.  I believed you use your fingers with an iPad and a mouse or touchpad with a laptop.  Turns out that a touchscreen makes navigating on a laptop much easier and faster.  

Evernote is on of my core apps.  I use it every day.  I've developed a habit of reaching up and doing this or that on the touchscreen with all my other core apps but then I forget and try doing this or that on the touchscreen with Evernote and it doesn't work.  Bummer.

Not sure what it takes for Evernote developers to make a UWP version of Evernote but I would think because it's the future of Windows that Evernote should get on board.  Please.

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I use Evernote on 3 Windows 10 devices (PC, mobile phone and Surface). The lost touch functionality (Surface) is terrible - it is not possible to scroll on the "left panel", as the scroll bar is too thin. Same on the "note panel". I really wonder - in a time where more and more people should work mobile, etc. - that this is still reality.

As I did not find an official statement - maybe a member of the team can solve this point? Is it planned to bring back the touch functionality and when?

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On ‎2017‎-‎11‎-‎09 at 2:14 PM, david@fluiddrivemedia.com said:

I agree that touchscreen can be a lot better. It works in the list of notes, but not in the individual notes in the third window. Please fix. Thanks.

Touch support for the note content has been added in the latest beta.

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Turns out that a touchscreen makes navigating on a laptop much easier and faster.

I just bought a Samsung Tablet with Windows 10. Was quite disappointed by the experience that I had come to from previously being on iOS.

As I understand it a UWP could mean that we loose some features. The curse of Tablet OS vs Desktop OS, touch friendly but restricted vs not touch optimised but feature rich. Wish OS's could have the best of both.

But at the least it would be nice to have fixed the content area, so that you can use multitouch gestures to scroll and also highlight text with a cursor, exactly like you can do in Edge or MSO.



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