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Source Editing of a note



Since the editor is lacking in many ways, why can't we edit the source of the note to fix things. Right now I have to use a third party editor.

I can understand a lot of people may not be able to understand it but it could be a Premium feature for those of us that can.

Several times now I've had problems with tables. Today a cell has been missing and had to edit the source to get it back. Most of the time it's because I try and change the width of a column and it messes everything else up. So I have to use an ENML Editor I found to remove the width styling which goes to like the 10th decimal place. I'm serious, there was a table cell with style="width:14.61794019933555%;" That seems a bit crazy to me. Copied and Pasted from a note, I didn't make it up.

I would be happy if you would just fix the editor and make it better to edit and fix problems. That is my biggest complaint about Evernote.

I have to much time, energy, and money, many many years of paying premium to move to something else when all it needs is the note editor worked on. I find it hard to understand why software companies don't fix the main parts of a program when they don't work well.




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13 hours ago, JefferyS1000 said:

why can't we edit the source of the note to fix things.

I do this all the time.  
In Windows you can export the note (enml format) and you have a file to work with.  
Use a text editor to make your changes, then import the file.  
On Macs, we don't even have to do the export/import

Evernote uses an html format so it's easy to edit.  
As you noted:), the editor only has basic features;
also after pasting code on top of code on top of code, sometimes things get mixed up and need fixing.  
Don't go crazy with the code; the entire html set isn't supported - the documentation is here https://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/enml.php

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