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I love writing Diary, and so I love evernote too. It helps me combine my thoughts with pictures, videos and many more.

But one thing that I would like to do is to keep a hard copy of my thoughts too. That is print all those notes on paper.

I have written more than 200, notes now I want them to be printed on pages How can I do this???

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Hi.  Printing from Androids is not a routine process*.  If you view your notes in desktop,  then it's possible to right-click one or more note titles to print the content,  or use File > Print to get more options.  The content will be laid out as notes.

Again on desktop a utility like ExportNote - http://www.exportnote.com/  - would save notes as PDF files,  and you could combine those files into one with a third-party PDF editor.  Formatting still as notes.  I can't immediately think of a way you could edit a series of notes into a well laid out and coherent diary...


* From Android you may be able to connect to a wireless printer,  but there are no 'print' options in the app.  Share options are limited too...


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Hello @vichitravirdwivedi,

While this is not an option through the Evernote application directly, you can accomplish printing from your Android device by doing the following:

 - Set up a Google Cloud Printer and download the Google Cloud Print application from the Google Play Store.
 - Go into the note you want to print inside of the Evernote application on your Android device.
 - Once inside the note go up to the top right of the Evernote application and tap on the three dots and the side menu will pop up.
 - Select Share > Post a link > Copy URL.
 - Go into Chrome on your device and paste the link in the URL bar and the note should load up after pressing enter.
 - Tap on the three dots in the right corner and choose Print.
 - Select the printer and print.

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