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Re-establishing Moleskine Smart Stickers

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Over the last few years I have used several different Moleskine Evernote notebooks. As my jobs changes within my company I found I wanted my Moleskine stickers to mean something else.

so what happens when I change them? What happens to past notes with that sticker — nothing?

does it even matter if, when, or how often I change the sticker meanings? And do those meanings sync across all of my platforms?

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Hi.  As with most things,  what's 'supposed' to happen doesn't necessarily mean that either 1) it actually does happen in the real world and/ or 2) that even if it does work for most people it won't throw a glitch on your personal system.  So.  Stickers tell Evernote where to assign notes.  Once scanned,  even if you give a sticker a different destination,  it's not going to lean in and move notes wholesale to another location.  Probably.

I'd recommend changing the details for one sticker and using it once.  Sync,  and check with another device that the new settings worked.  Go back to the original device and check what happened (if anything) to the notes previously assigned with that sticker.  If they're still correctly formatted,  then go ahead and reuse your sticker assignments.

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