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Idea: don't delete a note while I'm still editing it



Here's a newly comical bug in version 8.  I'm recording an audio note.  The phone timeout locks while the audio is still recording, as I was always able to do in version 7.  I come back to the note and it tells me that it has been DELETED!  What?  I haven't closed the note or touched "done" yet.  I'm not submitting any bug report information as I refuse to support any further development of version 8.  

The release of this garbage version of evernote coincides perfectly with the inauguration of the new garbage president.  The two events could not have been timed more perfectly in any universe. 

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Hi.  Sympathies for your loss,  but if Evernote don't have a chance to look at the specifics of the issue in a support request,  that's one bug that won't get fixed anytime soon. 

While employees do read the forums we're a mainly user-supported group - the main attention will be in this post (below) - you may get more traction if you raise related points (constructively) there.


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