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How do I undo an accidental Trash Can Click?

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Du-Oh !!! THANK YOU !

I'm an Evernote Novice and I am not really sure how to integrate it into my life. Including the best way to keep my Mac and my iPad always Synced and up to date with each other.

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No problem.  Best way to learn (IMHO) is to start using it - maybe for something non-critical and fairly small,  like books you read or collecting locations for trips you're planning;  as you get more confident,  work up to capturing everything that it's not absolutely and totally necessary to have on paper* into your account. I'd strongly advise you to keep regular backups of your system and your Evernote database - you'll probably lose notes while learning (see above) and Trash won't always be there to save you.  If you get stuck at any stage,  don't be afraid to ask questions here.  Most of us don't bite... honest.


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