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Short Cut View MUST have Notebooks in STACK sorted Alphabetically



Guys this used to be the case in the old version.

When you go to Short Cut View, everything was sorted alphabetically in the Stack if you chose that.

Now it is NOT.. And I have no idea WHY it's not? I don't see the value, or the benefit, or why it was

designed that way. I am a heavy Evernote user with GTD (I run several companies) and even though 

I do love the new design I HATE this feature because I now have to actually LOOK FOR the folder and 

that's a pain in the tush. Before, with sorting the notebooks under the stack in the shortcut by alphabetical

order, it was easy to find them. Now, I have to look, which slows me down, and kinda gets me annoyed

because - c'mon who has time to look for a folder when you know where it would be if it was sorted 

alphabetically. And I KNOW I am not the only person who is bothered by this. Can you guys fix it? 

I am sure it is an easy fix... PLEASE for the LOVE OF GOD...Fix it! :-) thank you!!!!!


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11 hours ago, Marx said:

Guys this used to be the case in the old version.

It would be more productive if you post in the release discussion instead of starting your own discusssion

You started off with shortcuts, then folders, then notebooks


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