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Bring Back the Classic Card View



The ability to see a screen full of cards and find something visually is valuable and should be reinstated.  The new view is like taking your email inbox and limiting it to showing the top 4 emails only.  Scrolling down to get to recently added notes is cumbersome and I'm not sure what was gained by removing this view.  Please vote for this if you feel the same way !!

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I bought my iPad mini 1 mainly to have Evernote ready on the go. After this update, it is nearly unusable: slow, far from smooth, and the large cards are really in the way of easy browsing. Furthermore, the arbitrary way of displaying image is largely annoying.

It would have been more than enough to allow users to choose what picture to display in the old card view!

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Heartily second this.  I DON'T WANT a mandatory full preview of each note taking up screen space on the right and exposing my thoughts to casual peekers.  I'd like to open notes when I wish, please.  I relied completely on Card view in the past (and on my desktop)

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Just opened Evernote to the new upgrade and despise it.  As others have stated the view is now slow and cumbersome.  I had to search to find the Tags, which I use extensively to organize my documents.  

This is certainly a huge step backwards in usability for me and I, up to this point, love Evernote.  

Please, go back or allow the option to go back.  This new upgrade has me wanting to look for a different system already.  


Charles Shepherd



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Hi.  In case it helps anyone,  there's  a detailed summary of changes here - What's New in Evernote 8.0 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch? - https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000827848

Some features have been removed (see link).  The page also says it is impossible to step back from this update once installed.

The main contact point for reporting issues seems to be below - you may get more traction if you raise related points there.


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