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(Archived) Feature Request: Note Available While Uploading


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I am using the beta version of the app on my Motorola Droid and I often will use the Evernote to capture data while it's available...for instance, specs or instructions on the back of a box at the store so that i can further research or or refer to when I have free time or access to a full browser and internet connection. The problem I keep running into is that if what I am capturing is a picture and I don't have a strong 3G or wifi signal, the upload can be pretty slow and if I need the info in the meantime, it appears in the drop-down "find as you type" results and the "Pending Notes" list but you can't open it, and then it seems to disappear for a little while and not show up at all (waiting to be indexed?) and your out of luck. Since I assume the file isn't actually uploaded and erased byte by byte, it would be nice if the note was still viewable in the interim. Furthermore, it might be useful to have an option in the online account to send a notification to your phone when the note is ready.

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Thanks for the feedback. The client currently performs its searches against our web servers, so it can't find notes that are only on the device yet. However, we plan to improve the local storage capabilities of the client, so hope to see this in the future. (My current phone is a Droid, so I have a personal interest in this. :-) )

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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