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(Archived) context menu with keyboard

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Can't believe this is still not fixed (

Shift-F10 does not show the context menu.

As I mentioned before, Shift-F10 is the Windows key accelerator for the context menu. If not explicitely overridden by an application, Windows will send the WM_CONTEXTMENU message to a window if that key combination is pressed.

Since Evernote is a note taking application it is predestined to be used on laptops. And most laptops don't have the special windows-contextmenu key as do desktop keyboards. Which means using Evernote on a laptop is basically unusable.

Also: the same bug I reported for EverNote 2.2 is still there: if you use the context-menu key on a desktop keyboard, the context menu is shown at the cursor position! Which is completely bogus since I'm using the keyboard and don't care where the mouse cursor is - the only thing I care about are the selected items in the window.

(Windows will set the x/y coordinates of the 'cursor' in the WM_CONTEXTMENU message to -1 if it was started with the keyboard instead of an actual right-click. It's the job of the application to then determine the correct position for the context menu by finding the control that is selected/has focus and usually center the context menu on that control).

Please fix this soon. I hate using the mouse, I'm much faster with the keyboard...


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