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Images not showing up

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I installed the newest versions of Evernote on my Mac Pro (Sierra) and iPad & iPhone (iOS 10.2) and when I take a picture and update Evernote, a new note with the correct title shows up, but not the picture I took. To be more specific, photos do not show up at all on the laptop, and only in the preview pane on the iPad. The title shows up, and date stamp, but no photo. Can you help me with this? Please see partial screenshot below. "Note" should contain a photo of lyrics, but contains nothing. The note title "Checks" contains nothing, either.

If it's any kind of clue, the EN icons for all devices show a red circled "2" but there's no immediate indication in the apps what I am presumably being notified of.


Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 3.09.11 PM.png

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13 minutes ago, steviec said:

Thank you, DT. On one note the pictures were taken by iPad and for the other I used my iPhone. Weird, huh?

There was a bug in the IOS version, but it was corrected in 8.0.1

  • Inserting multiple images into a new note with no other content drops the images from the note
    • 8.0.1 stops this behavior and repairs notes that may have encountered this issue
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5 hours ago, steviec said:

Progress .... it seems that in each of the two cases I tried to send up notes containing multiple images. Could the bug be back?

Are you running the latest IOS  Evernote version 8.0.1?

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50 minutes ago, steviec said:

Still unable to scan multiple images, on any device, including a ScanSnap scanner.

I think you need to back up here.  Is this an Evernote issue?

I don't use a Scansnap but for me, scanning or picture taking is one function.  
Then, I take the images and attach them to a note

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On 2017-01-19 at 8:08 AM, Carlos Aguayo said:

I can't see it from the mac client, it just opens up as an empty note (in the preview the image icon does show up).

Not sure what preview you're seeing; snippet thumbnail? card view?

It's good that images are ok on the web - this is your master version

I don't spend a lot of time troubleshooting devices.
My process is 

  1. Reboot your device; it often solves the problem
  2. Delete and reinstall the app
  3. Complete delete of app and database.  The app will rebuild the database
    Warning: The rebuild does not include local notebooks or unsynced notes
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I am running iOS Evernote version 8.22 and multiple images are not being stored in Evernote.  As OP notes, they appear in the preview.  But are not in the note.  When viewed via the web, pictures are not there.  I am now having to re-add pictures to Evernote 2 to 3 times.  This used to work quite well.  It does not appear the bug was completely fixed.

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Not very likely to have a bug not fixed, but no new posting between 2017 and today.

How were the pictures created, how were they stored, how were they loaded into EN locally, did the sync go through without an error message ?

If they are not visible on the server via web client, they are simply not there.

The question is: Why ?

Because maybe the activity log must be analyzed to find out, you should think about issuing a support ticket.

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I am having the same issue.  I am running evernote on iOS version 8.23.  I added the images on my phone.  I can see them in the preview screen on my phone, but not when I open the note.  They do not appear on the web version of evernote.  Here are screen captures:







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If you are at 8.23, the bug not showing pics should be fixed.

If you still have a problem, the next step would be to uninstall the app from any iDevice, then switch it OFF, wait some seconds, switch it on again, reinstall the app and connect it to your EN server account again.

Chances are good that this will help, if the app got stuck somehow.

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You were first talking about iOS, and then later about the web client.

Obviously my answer is related to your iOS problems described first.

On the web client, you can check whether you are on a beta, or run the classic version. If on a beta, switch back to classic. This should solve most issues on that platform.

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Same issue here. I can see the images I took in the Note Preview screen, but when I open the note (iphone, ipad, mac, or web), I can’t see them. It’s like they aren’t there.  Mine were added as document scans. I added another image as a photo to the same note, and it IS in the note. 

Is there some other way to get to the attachments that belong to the note? These are business cards, and I really need the info off of them. Unfortunately the preview is too small and cuts off much of the information so that I can’t use it. 

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