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Bear in the Trunk

Bear in the Trunk

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Issues, we got issues.

1) Scannable is failing to send items to designated notebooks. I have to use my default notebook on the iPhone, sync to Evernote on the iPhone, then sync with the MacOS desktop Evernote app and reassign to the notebook I want the scan to go into on the desktop EN app. Scannable is not respecting my choosing which notebook I want scans to go into, which can vary with each individual scan. This is HUGELY inefficient and a major bug.

2) Latest version of Scannable keeps showing a nag screen to sign up for Evernote after a scan. I’m signed up, and I’m a Premium member. Stop it already!

3) I wish there were a middle ground between full auto capture and manual capture modes in Scannable. I have had to use it Scannable in coffee shops, libraries, etc., and the constant flashes from Scannable before I’m ready to capture the item distracting to other people as well as drawing attention I don’t particularly want to myself.


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