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How Do I Find Only Notes Created Manually?


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In my search results, I want to filter only for notes that I created manually by clicking the New Note button in an Evernote app. I wish to filter out notes which were created by a web clipper or sent to EN by a Share button in some other app. This way, I can readily find my own content. I have started tagging my original content, but I've got many notes that are already created to find.

My first inclination is to find notes with no URL, but I do not find a way to search in URL (am I missing it?)

Suggestions? Thanks!


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Thank you @DTLow!

That does a pretty good job.

Somehow, there are still some web-clipped notes in those results (~31%). They have a URL. Not sure why the source isn't web.clip.

Is there any way to see (or modify) the source metadata from a user interface? Or manually through the filesystem?

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15 minutes ago, IdeaGenr8r said:

Is there any way to see (or modify) the source metadata from a user interface? Or manually through the filesystem?

You didn't indicate your platform - I'm having great success using Applescript on my Mac

The metadata is stored in a database.  On my Mac, its a separate file that I can access using SQL
The master copy is stored on the Evernote servers, so I have to make sure any changes are synced

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8 minutes ago, IdeaGenr8r said:

I'm on a Mac and experienced with SQL.

Good start

Be aware of the risks involved.  On the plus side, you're playing with a copy of the data and can download a replacement from the master version on the servers

Evernote has an entire scripting interface on the Mac platform that you can access with Applescript

The metadata data is stored in a database.
These are the location instructions

To locate the databaseUntitled.jpeg
On My Mac, I click on About Evernote, and press the option key
A link to the database appears
The actual database is stored in file           LocalNoteStore.sqlite
This contains reference tables, for example ZENNOTE contains the meta-data for each note (notebook, created date etc)
An example of software to access this database is http://sqlitebrowser.org
Screen Shot 2016-11-20 at 7.42.26 AM.png
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