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(Archived) Accidentally deleted *very important* Tag: How to recover?

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I'm using EN for about 8 Months now and I love this system every single day and have about 5800 notes. One very important aspect for me is the use of the GTD (Getting things done by David Allen) -System in EN. For this purpose I have created a bunch of different tags which I use for finding my notes. It seems (I can't remember), that I deleted one (or in worst case all) of my "GTD-Tags" (they are or have been Subnotes) that included about 400 Notes. Now the work of about 6 Months of using the GTD-System in EN seems to be partly destroyed and I'm am very unhappy about that.

Because I use EN in 3 Systems (1x Windows XP, 1x Windows 7 and 1x OSX), 2 of them haven't synced the changes (deletion of the tag) yet. The changes (deletion) were made in the Mac-EN Desktop-App. After looking in the web-App I've seen, that at least the most tags are still there and just one (the most important one :( ) is deleted. Because I didn't recognized it directly that the tags were gone by tagging a new note i've kind of overwritten the old tag.

Funnily enaugh I've thought several times in the past weeks, that it would be a helpful feature if it would be possible to "lock" the tags: preventing the user by option to create new ones and delete old ones. Now that doesn't help me anymore but maybe there's a way to re-upload my EN-DB from one of the windows-Systems??

I would be very pleased if anyone has an idea how i could save hours of time looking through at least 1000 notes and retagging them correctly.

the paper-basket saves every deleted note but unfortunately not the deleted tags...

thanks in advance,


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it seems, that at least in the web-app i'm still able to find the 500notes, hat have lost the tag and am able to re-tag them more or less easily. After i recognized that there was a big problem in the Mac-App, i've forced to quit it. Now I'm very unsure, if it'll sync changes that'll make even more problems as there already are. Should i try to reopen the mac-app offline/online?

thanks, tim

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If you deleted the tag on the left side on the Mac, then when you sync, that tag will be removed from the service.

If you don't have any local notebooks, you could delete your local DB and resync to get the Mac client to be identical to the service, or you could create a new tag on the service with a different name, assign all of those notes to that new tag, and then let the client sync to remove the other tag.

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Thanks Dave!

i've realized the things you've mentioned a bit too late by myself to save all tag-information but at least 2/3 of it. What I've realized on the other clients that synced afterwards was, that in the first 2-5 seconds of synchronisation the "old" tags were already gone before one single new note was added...

One curious thing still exists: the deleted tags are gone from the left side but some notes still contain them but they aren't searchable anymore. i guess i messed too much things on too many clients up :)

thanks for the support!

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