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Special characters in iOS



I am struggling a little with Evernote for iOS, as it does not display special characters which I input on macOS. I am an engineering student so have to use a lot of greek characters, for scientific constants etc. This omission is rather glaring, when large sections of my notes become gibberish when characters are replaced by spaces or simply removed, as you can see in the attached screenshot. For some reason, phi appears to be displayed... 


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Hi.  How are you creating the characters in the first place?  Are they available as standard in Evernote Mac?  Both devices (AFAIK) share a 'common editor' so there shouldn't be a major difference.

An easy workaround may be - use Word or some such to create your notes outside of Evernote.  Print to PDF and attach that to a note.  You can annotate the PDF if you need to and edit the original text in the WP software.

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I'm using the character selector built into macOS. I have in the past used PDFs, and mostly now hand write long formulae or derivations, and insert images. However, I just feel it would be more useful if I were able to use the Evernote editor natively. For now it's more annoying than anything else: I guess this is a feature request not a complaint ?

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