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Evernote keeps poping up a "Security Alert" warning box when in my company's network

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That looks like a message that the browser displays. What happens if you click on "View Certificate"? It might give you an option to accept the Website (presumably Evernote) permanently, despite what the browser perceives as a security certificate issue. That should prevent the alerts from popping up in the future.

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Thank you very much. 
I have clicked the [View Certificate] and then the only thing I can further do is to click the [Install Certificate...] button, I have done this for many many times. The annoying popup is still keep coming again and again very frequently.  See screen captures below.




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@hcchen5600 Thanks for reporting this. Do you happen to recall when this issue started?

 On this same machine, are you able to access your account on Evernote Web: https://www.evernote.com/Home.action using your PC's Internet Explorer browser. Evernote uses Internet Explorer for background sync services even if you use a different browser

Let me know if you see errors when trying to get to https://www.evernote.com/Home.action using IE.

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@Austin G Thank you. I tried Evernote Web on IE when in my office (after company network) and of course it did not work and the screen capture is here FYR. The annoying popup is the problem, my company network blocks Evernote and Evernote Web is not a problem. Does Evernote have an offline mode? That probably is the answer for another Evernote problem - it is very very easily "Not responding" with the message shown or not shown.



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There's no such thing as 'offline mode' in Evernote.  In Windows Evernote > Tools > Options > Sync you could disable all sync options and sync only manually,  or (which I recommend) tick only 'sync changes on exit' and make sure you File > exit Evernote on completion of your day.  Beware though that the sync will then presumably kick off the warning notice which you'll still have to deal with...

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I am getting exactly the same security alert window that was shown at the start of this thread. Over and over again. Using Evernote for PC not using browser. It is very annoying. Disabling sync does not seem like a good idea, syncing is rather the whole point of evernote. Can someone help please? Thanks, Martin

Screenshot (16).png

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The EN Client uses internet technology in the background. No small wonder, because EN is based on HTML.

It seems that the certificate issued to EN that is used to authorize the server connection and encrypt the communication has an issue.

I propose you open a support ticket about this.

Would be nice to inform the forum about the outcome.

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