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Clicking a search result displays wrong item.



(new version 8.0) When I search a notebook (using the search field seen after pulling down the left column), and then select a search result in the left column, the WRONG item is displayed! 

When I click another item, a different, but still incorrect item is displayed in the right-hand pane. It's impossible to display the item I selected from the search result list! 

Anyone else see this? (I already did a reinstall to get past the crash-on-start)

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2 minutes ago, rpigeon said:

Same behaviour for me ! Any idea for when we'll get a fix for this problem and MANY others with this new release ?????

Many thanks. :)


Got me.  EN has been silent on when 8.03 or 8.1 or whatever would be released to fix the errors introduced with this update.  Or if any of the oft requested dropped function will return, home screen and presentation mode being two I think have appeared with high frequency in the forums.

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Hmmm ... if I search from the search box in the Notes List then the search results exhibit the goofy don't-display-the-selected-note behaviour. If I do the same search from the magnifying glass search icon on the leftmost panel the search results seem to operate correctly... selecting a particular result will display the correct note.

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