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I'm using Evernote on the Mac, and by and large I'm very amazed with this application and its bucket of great features. There are, however, some serious annoyances that keep me from using it as my one and only note taking application so far.

One is the way Evernote handle text formatting. For example, if I try to change the font type of a note, a paragraph or any other fraction of text by selecting it and choosing the desired font from the drop-down list, not only the font is changed as expected, but also the rest of my formatting, such as bold or italic, is gone. I never experienced that kind of behavior in any other note taking or word processing application so far. (Only by accident I detected that indeed I can change the font size without running into that kind of misbehavior by using Command - + and Command - - keys instead of choosing an appropriate font size from the drop down list...)

Furthermore, I think it would be a good idea to differentiate between actual font size (which is important for printing) on one side, and the size in which the notes are presented on the monitor, on the other side. Which is, as far as I can see, state of the art in any decent note taking or word processing application.

And finally, it would be extremely helpful if I could add page numbers - or even more information - to headers or footers when printing notes...

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Thanks for the feedback. Both of these are areas that we plan to improve. We've done a lot of work to improve text formatting in the last year, but plan to do more. Printing is definitely an area for improvement.

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When it will be done is the Golden Question ... Knowing if you are looking to page 2 or 7 of 8 makes a difference.  That's why pg. Numbers, ToC, ToR,  were invented in the first place... And it's actually Greener to print a couple of pages duplex (4 pages per letter) that two 29" monitors on all the time sucking 100 Wh and on just turned on to have online the document you are reading  while doing whatever the main display...  Without taking into account on the issue of time efficiency of working that way with short essays. 


"Time, the only actual resource to men that once spent, no amount of money will buy it back...". That is why IMHO for me, the most important part of the equation still is an uninitialized variable "THE  WHEN", the rest is a given... 


Thanks & regards,


Alfonso C. Betancort

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