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Annotation Efficiency

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I'm using evernote premium on mac and I'm finding the annotate feature to be a huge burden. Why does the annotate window close and save whenever I switch to another program or window? This is a terrible feature that prevents me from checking other information and switching back to my note to continue annotations. Not only does my annotation window close, but I'm also put back to the very beginning of PDF, forcing me to click annotate again, and scroll all the way back to my previous page of the 100+ page PDF I was on. This is similar to another issue with Evernote never saving my place in a note if I switch to a different note. It just resets to the first page forcing me to scroll through and find where I was, wasting a lot of time. Is there any way around these issues? This is a feature I miss from onenote...

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On 2017-01-16 at 10:39 AM, dfgyz said:

Is there any way around these issues?


1 hour ago, dfgyz said:

everyone just tolerates this?

Generally, when I need to annotate pdfs, I use dedicated applications
For example Notability on my iPad

I'm not satisfied wth the basic features in the Evernote editor, and as another discussion said "Grotesque Fonts"

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This is driving me nuts. On Windows I don't think I have this problem but on my mac the auto-close when losing focus on the PDF view is ridiculous. I'm trying to take notes to summarize and study from later and highlight as I read if I need to find a specific entry again. Please fix

Workaround: open note taking page in a browser and use Evernote Mac app for annotation

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