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Why is PDF Filename altered by Evernote?


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On our web site, I have a page with a link to an Evernote document that contains a 2-page PDF file. The Public Share link to that note never changes and is a permanent part of our web site page.   The PDF filename never changes, however . . .  weekly, the PDF doc is replaced with an updated PDF named exactly the same.

Next, I have a printer, Brother MFC-L8850CDW, that has a shortcut that the operator presses which will download and print the PDF with just one click on the printer's keypad. Works great, until the following week, when the PDF is replaced on EN with the new, same-name PDF. When that new file goes on the same EN note, the printer's shortcut no longer works. I am wondering if this is happening because of what is see when I click INSPECT (using Chrome browser) on the PDF. See the attachment for a screen scrape of the filename in question.

It appears to me that the very long filename that is associated with the PDF may be the culprit.  See the attachment.

How can I keep the filename EXACTLY the same, week-to-week, even as I replace the file, Current Bulletin.pdf with the most current version?  The printer shortcut is a must-have, so I gotta have it working.  Thanks!

long filename.png

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Hi.  There's a couple of missing bits of the story here.  If I got this right,  you have your PDF file attached to a note, and you lean in to replace that file weekly.  Then,  although you have the original file somewhere else,  you want to print off the file from the note,  using some third-party macro on the printer to access and print the file.

So: why don't you change the file attached to the note instead of deleting and replacing it,  and how does the printer access the note to print the file, exactly...?

I think the problem comes from replacing the file.  Any current attachment has a unique identifier.  Replacing the file means the 'new' PDF,  even if it has exactly the same name as the old file,  gets a new resource reference.  If you can edit the existing file rather than replace it I think the link would remain the same.  But while you're editing the note directly,  you'd be able to print off the content anyway.....

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Thanks, Gazumped,

You have it right, but let me clarify.... the goal is to have the printer operator know nothing except which shortcut button to press on the printer keypad. Pressing that button tells bwc.brother.com to work with EN to send the PDF to the printer. Sounds good and works except :

  • Counting keypad strokes, the shortcut isn't such a shortcut after all. 
  • Since I need to update the PDF weekly, using Pages, the PDF file that I attach to the EN is changed weekly, including the very long ID that is part of the filename seen by EN, Google Drive and DropBox. 
  • I don't have the means to edit the PDF directly, thus keeping the filename unchanged. 
  • The printer can only download and print PDF, not.Pages files. 

So for these reasons, I'm abandoning the shortcut attempt and will simply inform the user as to how to do the weekly printout from EN. Or, they can fire up a laptop and print from there. That will keep my current file update process intact. 

Thanks for being a part of the resolution!

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