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Can I send emails to an EN Business account?

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I make frequent use of the email account Evernote assigns me to add emails and other documents to my personal account. Is there a way to get another @m.evernote.com address to send to my default Business notebook? I COULD append the subject line with @[NameOfBusinessNotebook], but my Business notebook names have spaces and numbers and so are not easy to send to by this method, especially since I'm usually using this method on a mobile device.



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If you're the Admin for your business account you may have been allocated one or more email addresses to access the account - I don't know that much about Business features.  If you're a standard user however,  you don't have the Admin access to change the permissions to allow incoming emails to be allocated to your notebook.  I'd suggest you talk to your Admin (if you have one) or contact support directly to set up a chat session to talk it through.

I think spaces in notebook names work just fine,  although replacing that space with an underline would be better - you could try it using your own account email address and the business notebook name - it's a million to one chance,  but it just might work...  let us know how you get on!

How to save email into Evernote

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Unfortunately there's no Business-account equivalent to the "Email Notes To" email address that sends notes to your default personal notebook.  For Business notebooks, the only option is to use the @[notebookname] syntax.  Spaces are fine there.

I will mention, I recall seeing a 3rd party service that might have included the ability to email into Business notebooks, not sure - I just looked for it but couldn't come up with it.  Anyone??

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@phils -- thanks for confirming.

@gazumped -- yes, spaces in the notebook name following the @ work ok. I had tried putting the name in quotation marks -- I think that's the way EN used to require you to do it, no? -- and it did not work. But I just tested without quotation marks and it did work.

That's good enough for me. And if I do want to move from my default notebook to a Business notebook, it's easy to do that using the mobile app.


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3 minutes ago, Jonathan Gaby said:

I looked at my account settings for the email to Evernote setting. It says that all email that is sent to the address will be added to the default personal notebook. 

This can be overridden by adding @xxxxxxx to the subject where xxxxxx is a Notebook name


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15 hours ago, Jonathan Gaby said:

now you can set a default personal and business notebooks.

You can set a default business notebook in the Mac, iOS and Android clients, but not in the current Windows client.


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