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Firefox Web Clipper makes Firefox Nightly permanently slow

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Web Clipper on Chrome works perfectly.

However, after installing Web Clipper on Firefox Nightly the Firefox browser gets much slower, to the point the browser hangs.

I haven't any other extensions installed except for uBlock Origin.


Is this a known problem? Are there any specific steps I can follow to ease the debugging?


Thanks in Advance,


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One comment from Mozilla via the link you posted is:  " Enjoy at your own risk " which is pretty much what you're getting.  Nightly is the latest,  hot-off-the-press emission from Mozilla's skunk works including changes no-one knows about until it hits the street that day.  Evernote can't anticipate what might change before it happens - and by the time they would've had a chance to do something about it,  the next new version is out.  Mozilla will no doubt take note and may improve things from their side,  but AFAICS there's no way to suggest work-arounds...

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Don't know how Evernote prioritise their attention,  but I'd agree - they (should) want to make sure that Clipper will continue to work when the next new update for Firefox hits the street.  Mind they haven't made it 100% with the current public Firefox yet,  so maybe they're a little distracted... ;)

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