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Evernote crashes with specific note

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When trying to scroll through a note with around 20 clippings, Evernote freezes and I have to restart again (windows Pro 10, x64). No problem in the web version.

This happened in the latest Betaversion. I uninstalled Evernote Desktop using Revo Uninstaller Pro and reinstalled the regular (non-beta version) of Evernote. Same problem.

I attached the enex-Version of the note. 

Any help would be appreciated.


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Hi.  I added the note to my setup (Win10 x64) with no apparent problems.  It comes up as 139K including,  as you say,  several pictures.  No immediate or obvious problems.  It's always possible that the original has become corrupted in some way - have you tried deleting it and using your ENEX file to create a new one?

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