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Why is Evernote so effed up?

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A recent tech support request to Evernote resulted in the usual tech support result: failure to explain the problem and failure to fix it.  Then I was surprised to find a charge on my credit card for subscription renewal, even though no message (email) had been sent reminding me of the upcoming renewal.  Given that Evernote emails me regularly about every other ***** thing, I expected a 'Heads up! We're going to renew your subscription in 30 days' would have been within the realm of possibility.  But I guess this way the users don't have the opportunity to reconsider whether they are getting their money's worth and cancel or downgrade.

Then when trying to provide feedback about all of that, I was reminded about how f****d up Evernote's website is.  Wouldn't it be easier to just say "Customers, ***** YOU!' instead of requiring us to go though so much effort just to provide feedback.

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Hi.  Feedback is pretty easy for paying users - you can log in and contact support directly if you wish,  or message them on Twitter

Evernote isn't alone in allowing renewals to go through without notice - I've had the same thing happen on commercial software costing a lot more.  The trick is,  if you want to cancel,  make sure you change the account details well before the due date. 

If you're still suffering from issues and can give us some detail here,  it's possible that other users might be able to assist...  at the least,  if you can post your ticket number from your abortive experience above,  we can get a Forum Admin to have a look at the exchange.

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Welcome to the forums. I don't doubt you've had bad tech support experience. (And I also think that the contact-support Web page could be much easier to use.) I only disagree that such failure is "usual." I have in fact had successful contact with tech support, including acknowledgement of a bug and a promise it would be fixed in the next release. I hope, though, as @gazumped suggests, that we might be able to offer some help with your problem as fellow users.

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