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Business Card Scanning and LinkedIn

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Hi all, I have just activated Evernote on my new Android phone. I had a notification to say linking my account to LinkedIn would give me a year's free business card scanning. Super! I scanned three cards and it has stopped working and keeps saying I must upgrade to Premium for that feature.

But according to the system, I have a year's free card scanning by linking to my LinkedIn account. Any of you have an idea as to what has gone wrong?

I have tried reconnecting to my LinkedIn account. No change though.

Thoughts? Thanks in advance, Doug.

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Hi.  I'm afraid the notification was probably an error.  I can recall that offer being made just after LinkedIn transferred its own card-scanning app users to Evernote more than a year ago,  but it hasn't come up since.  We're a (mainly) user forum,  so not always the best source of information on what's current - I'd suggest you contact support directly if you can,  or message them on Twitter

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I just scanned a business card yesterday and had the same pop-up saying that premium would be free for 1 year by linking my linkedin account.
I did so and then I was able to scan more business cards but my account is still the FREE account level. Do you happen to have a direct email address for support.

I started out at support and ended up in the forums for there. I am not exactly sure what I would type at the support page to get an email address or a way of reporting this issue.

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23 hours ago, ProfJR said:

Do you happen to have a direct email address for support.

Hi.  There's no email address,  but you can contact support directly if you're a paying member,  or message them on Twitter

If the continued business card scanning is your issue,  don't worry - you'll get plenty of chances to upgrade your membership if you want to.  If you already want to do so,  go here - https://www.evernote.com/Settings.action - and look for 'manage subscription'.  You can upgrade / downgrade from there

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Is the Business Card Scanning no longer supported for iOS devices? 

I see Evernote Knowledge base showing: "Tap the 'Photos' icon from the quick note panel on the home screen (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch)". This is how it used be. Now, I don't see a Photos icon anymore. Only option is "+" to add a note and there there is a choice to take a photo, which will save the Business Card as a document.

Can someone advise on how to scan the Cards from an iOS device and directly save to my Contacts. Thanks in Advance.

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Yes, I got the same message from Evernote today, Nov 12, 2017. Connect to LinkedIn and get one year free, allow, etc. And then when I scan card I'm being prompted to "upgrade to premium". don't understand why this has not been addressed.

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