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Cannot install web clipper chrome extension


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Hi people can anyone help with this, for some reason web clipper chrome extension will not install. I have no other problems with chrome or extensions. 

I've attached a screenie with the error message, 

if some clever person could review it and tell me how to fix it I would be very happy ?



cant install .jpg

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Hi.  Is your copy of Chrome stored in C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application ?  The message seems to suggest Firefox can't find where to save the file,  not that there's a problem with the actual app...

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Hmmn.  OK two suggestions...

To check whether or not it's something hinky with Chrome that's causing your issue,  try setting up a new 'test' profile and then try installing the extension to that.  If it works,  you have the option to transfer your bookmarks etc to that new profile and delete the old one,  or try to reset your old profile to correct any changes that another app or extension may have made and which now conflict with the Evernote add-in.

NB I have uninstalled/  reinstalled Firefox and created new profiles before now to sort out my own issues,  but I've not needed to "reset changes" before,  and I've done none of these things with Chrome;  so if you decide to go for this you may want to set a system restore point if you can,  and/ or take a backup of your hard drive just in case...  :huh:

Good luck!

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