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Evernote locked up after leaving it running overnight

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I started using evernote at work on both my desktop and laptop. I leave them both running over night. When I log on in the morning and click on the taskbar icon evernote never opens. I cant right click on the taskbar icon either. To get it working again I need to kill the Evernote.exe and EvernoteTray.exe processes from task manager, and then reopen it. This happens on both of my PCs.

I don't know if our IT department is interfering or blocking/throttling traffic overnight, but something is happening that causes evernote to lock up. I don't want to ask them either because they might say evernote isn't supported, use onenote, blah blah blah IT bs.

I am running windows 7 64bit with the latest update. I am using the latest version of evernote (303788) public, and this is the only version I have ever used.

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Hi.  Given that Evernote doesn't very take long to load,  why not just File > Exit (which usually forces a sync) before you log out?  It's not possible to guess what happens overnight,  but it wouldn't be unusual for the IT team to schedule backups and virus checks and do system upgrades which might damage your Evernote's health.  Better to shut it down too,  until you're there the next day.

Without that final sync too,  you might conceivably lose some notes if a sync doesn't happen before Evernote gets knocked offline...

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I forgot to mention I have seen this happen occasionally through out the day. Not just when its overnight.

I also want a fix, not a band-aid. Evernote should be able to run no matter what the network or virus scanner is doing.

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