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always show web clipper

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i found out that using it with the option "simplefied article" is the best tool available to make web reading enjoyable (see picture). nowadays, i always have to click (or tab or shortcut) the button to have this design. that sucks.

does anyone know an option to show webclipper on every website visited (without doing anything)?


i'm using the current safari version with osx.

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Hi. Check your Clipper options.  There should be a 'default clip action' which I have set to "last used action" so if you have a series of clips it gets easier after the first one...

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So change the option;  next time you click the icon you'll see the 'simplified' view immediately.  The icon will stay in the top left of the window,  but you can scroll through the article and just close the clipper window if you don't want to use it further.

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OK - I don't ever see that happening within Evernote / Clipper.  I'd imagine quite a few users will want the original layout preserved when they see a page,  not to mention the effect a 'simplified' layout might have when filling in forms and checkout pages.

I believe at least one 'read it later' site has a simplified layout - https://www.instapaper.com/ and the loss of the original 'simplified' tool Clearly,  prompted this review of alternatives - http://www.controlaltachieve.com/2016/01/clearly-alternatives.html

But I think all of this still requires at least one click before you get to the simplified layout...



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