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Evernote icon becomes a blank page

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Didn't have a problem with Evernote before, but after I reformatted Win 10, and reinstalled Evernote, the shortcut I pinned to the taskbar has been kidnapped..! 

In its place is an ugly blank page. Even when I create a shortcut link on desktop, what appears is a blank page, rather than the endearing green elephant.

I've tried to do an icon cache repair, and even uninstalled Evernote - that helped for a bit, because after reinstalling, I could get back the elephant. But scarcely 2 hours later, I get the blank page again.

Any ideas how to resolve this issue permanently?

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Hi.  On my Win10 setup,  Evernote.exe is here - C:\Program Files (x86)\Evernote\Evernote\

Navigate to that folder,  right-click Evernote.exe and choose Send To... Desktop (create shortcut)

Go back to your desktop and arrange the shortcut how you wish...

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Hi there...

Prior to reading this, I uninstalled Evernote for the 4th time and reinstalled.. and got the green elephant back. However, I do not know how long that is going to last before it becomes a broken blank page again.

Previously, when I create a shortcut link on desktop (send to Desktop), what appears on the desktop is a blank page.

Just wondering how to get this resolved should the problem pop back. But all's good for now (after reinstalling... but like I said, I had to keep uninstalling and reinstalling to resolve the problem... 4x already).

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8 hours ago, Rosalind said:

Just wondering how to get this resolved should the problem pop back.

Hi.  I'd suggest just recreating the shortcut on your desktop and then right click the shortcut and 'pin to Start' if you prefer it on the Start menu.  It seems fairly unusual for this to happen,  so congratulations for drawing the short straw (:unsure:) but lets hope you miss out in future updates!

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