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Pen Option for Handwriting in Windows 10 and Web Verions



A new suggestion in relation to using a PEN and HANDWRITING on WINDOWS 10 devices:

I use a Samsung Galaxy SPro with Windows 10 device (similar to MS Surface).  This device comes with a pen, however, I can't use the pen in the Windows 10 app or on the web version for Evernote.

Could we please have the option of clicking on a 'pen' icon for handwriting in Evernote Desktop and Evernote Web?  Similar to the Android App, whereby we can use a pen to handwrite in Evernote, merely by clicking on the pen button.  I'd love this as a standard option in Desktop and Web versions, seeing most people are moving towards mobile and touch screen devices with Windows 10 and a pen. 

Many thanks for considering this.

Kind regards


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And please, please improve the handwriting in general.
Please make the handwriting experience the same on all platforms. We should be able to start a handwriting note on andoid with the stylus.
And continue to edit the same note on a windows10 tablet like the surface book with the stylus in edit mode.

I do not understand why there are two different versions of build in handwriting apps/technologies in evernote that are not compatible with each other.




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