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Recent Notebooks does not seem to update

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One of the most common things I do on Evernote on Android is to share a PDF to Evernote from another application and then select the notebook it should go into before finally saving it

Now, when selecting a notebook, you have 3 'recent notebooks' listed at the top of the list... I have never seen these update themselves to the 2 notebooks I actually use. I've waited over 6 months and nothing seems to shift

1. How do Evernote exactly record my 'recent' notebooks, as it's certainly not counting me saving a new note to notebook I select from a list

2. Is there any way to reset the 'recent' notebooks' or display my shortcut notebooks instead (the latter would be far more useful for me)





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Hi.  We're a (mainly) user-supported forum,  so how the feature works is outside our remit;  but while I don't know how to game the system,  I do know that you can add a notebook to a shortcut - long press the notebook name for the menu - and (at least on a desktop) drag and drop the order of shortcuts to your requirements.  Don't know if that will help...

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I have exactly the same problem.  The three "recent notebooks" that are displayed have remained unchanged for weeks or months and are not in fact "recent."  I have worked a lot more in other notebooks lately than I have in the ones marked "recent."  It's annoying to have these irrelevant notebooks I haven't been using take up so much prime real estate on my computer screen.  I would like them either to update automatically or, if that's not possible, to have the whole "recent notebooks" section disappear.

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Hmmn.  I have Evernote Android and just tried to share a PDF to my account but all I get is a note in my default notebook.  I'm intrigued where this 'recent' list shows up - anyone able to send more details and maybe a screenshot or two this way?

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There are always three notebooks on the top of the list with the header RECENT. They seem to not change regardless of notebook activity and cannot be disabled. They have become a great nuisance in daily use.

Screenshot from my Huawei GR5 running android 6.0


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Thank you!  I was looking so hard at the sharing process I completely missed the notebooks at the top of my Notebooks list.  You're right - I have the equivalent of that set of notebooks on my Note4 (Android 6.0.1) and AFAIR they bear no relation to the last notebooks I used.  So:  is the feature request to remove the 'recent' list,  or just to make sure it works?

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Hi OP here :) I guess it's clear others have the same issue. As Dave-in-Dacatur rightly points out, if it's there, it ought to work!

So I've raised a support ticket and linked it to this thread, they'll see it's not just me and the screenshot too (cheers emeerhof!)

In the meantime, I don't think there is a lot I can do apart from scrolling to my notebook or filtering for it (+1 evernote for the handy filter on a popup menu!) and choosing the same notebook I actually want it to go in, EVERY TIME. 


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