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Troublesome aggravating strange ..I WILL REFRAIN FROM APPLYING battling to resist drooping adjectives from that harsher class of similar epithets our great doing-no-evil dog and savior g--gle are presently excised from existence. Suffice it to say that this triffling matter IS, nonetheless, um,  ... FRUSTRATING.

i ONLY JUST (these past minutes) ESTABLISHED MY FIRST EVERNOTE ACCOUNT. Making use of one of the standard options presented, I CHOSE TO CREATE my Evernote profile/acount via MY G--GLE ACCOUNT. BingBangBoom, and done, no problem. The subsequent webpage gave the impression that the initial work to create my account (meaning -- simply making the choice to use my g--gle acct) resulted in successfully executed Evernote account launch. I hadnt been asked about passwords, etc. et al., hadnt been prompted for anything more. Fine, i thought, account basics, it seemed, were in place -- all replicated from my google account as it seemed. Straightaway i headed to my Evernote account details (exactly as i do each and every time i set up a new internet account). First, I want to change my email address. No problem. In a form-field box titled 'new email",  provided for this very operation, i entered the  new email address, and in the next box, titled password (as i recall), i entered my password for that email. 

Next i want to make another change to my account info. Dear wonderful and protective Evernote asked for my account password before i could return to that area. Well, as I'd never been prompted to create a Evernote account password, i gave my google account's p/w.   ----   Okay, already wasted too much time on this unbelievably stupid ***** -- so i will quickly conclude ------.

My G--gle acct password didnt work. Thereafter, i set off frantically trying every imaginable passwordy letter concoction in the world that might have become injected into this establishment-of-account activity (in the last 8 mins!! WHICH IS ALL WE ARE TALKING ABOUT). I suppose the problem here is that i failed to properly I.D. a stupidly and imprecisely labled 'create your evernote password' form field  --  and potentially typed something there. So, i tried, as password attempts, everything that i remember typing.  all failed to work. Evernote added to my joy by never providing a 'forgot p/w?' bypass. Then of course i was blocked for too many wrong attempts. 


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Hi @Joseph King,

If I'm understanding your issue correctly, you recently created an Evernote account using the Google Sign-In option, and are now having trouble updating your Evernote account information because the password is coming up as incorrect. In order to successfully update the account information, you'll need to send a recovery password email to the email address on file.

Because the Google Sign-In account creation uses your Google password to create the account, you'll need to set up an Evernote password using the link provided above in order to change any account information. The password can be the same as the Google password, or completely unique. Let me know if you have any questions, or if I'm misunderstanding the issue you're experiencing.


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