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Issue with cruft being added to a note whenever I merge two or more notes

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Every time I merge notes, the titles of those notes are displayed in header sized bold text with a colored background that I have to then go in and delete in order to have what is basically junk text between pages that I'd like to just be able to scroll through. I'm fine with the title of the first note being used in the actual title of the note, but then the other pages are moot. To be clear, I'm importing large amounts of scans from Doxie and then merging "Note XYZ" with "Doxie 0688" and ending up with a note called "Note XYZ" (fine) but then "Note XYZ" also precedes the PDF inline in the note, and "Doxie 0688" precedes the second PDF. I want to keep that text from appearing inline with the attachments.

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