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Fax Me.. Really??



Does anybody here still get requests to send or receive faxes?  I may do 20-25 annually - coming & going.  When i do, I log onto my "myfax" account.. load the pdf and hit the send button.  I have a dedicated 800 number that, as most efaxes work, it is sent directly to my email.  I pay $10 a month for this service I barley use.  It's really not the cost that gripes me.  More the fact that I sometimes still have to, in all honesty, use a fax.  It would be awesome if we had some kind of e-fax number we could associate with our evernote ID or email.. Send and receive.  I would gladly reallocate my $120 per year in this direction.  I am certain it wouldn't take much for this team of geniuses to come with that I am certain.  

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I agree, but as you state, the use case for faxes is so low today, not sure many people would care. I'd like the feature, but I honestly only need to 2-3 times a year.

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