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Base64File in an Evernote python script


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In this Evernote blog post  they mention a Python script for converting ENEX data back to its native file (see "Quick and Dirty example" near the end of that page. The Github listing is here)

I am getting a error in the line "cat base64File | python b64dec.py myfile.txt".

base64File is where it is tripping up. A Google search for that word turns up no examples other than in this script.

Any ideas what this line should be?

And on the topic, what is the syntax for starting this script?  Does the .enex file name go on the command line?  That's what I'm assuming.

I am just learning Python and wanted to fool around with data from my favorite tool, Evernote.


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Hi.  That's more of a developer question than one for this (mainly) user forum.  Developer support is via StackOverflow now;  - try posting your question there  - tag them with "Evernote".

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