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Please help.. an entire local notebook disappears!

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One of my notebooks disappeared!

It is a local notebook, and probably my only local notebook. (I didn't learn the meaning of a notebook being "local" after creating it and finding it doesn't sync with my other devices.) I am not sure when this happened, because I used that to take notes a year ago and stopped updating it for about as long. My guess is it is gone with some Evernote version updates. 

Is there a way to retrieve my notebook?


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Hi.  Please note that a simple update will not delete notes.  Also please understand we're a mainly user-supported discussion forum,  not Evernote Support.  If you lose data for any reason you should probably contact support directly if you can,  or message them on Twitter

Having said which,  there are at least three possibilities here:

  1. Local Notebooks,  as you presumably now know, are kept entirely on your own hard drive.  There are no copies other than any backups you may have taken.  So check your backups for possible database copies.
  2. If you updated Evernote after a year's gap,  there may well have been changes between then and now in the way that databases are set up,  and possibly even in their location on your hard drive.  Your current 'new' setup might be in process of converting an old database,  or just unable to connect with one. 
  3. You may have inadvertently set up a new account rather than log into your old one (this is fairly common).
  4. You may not have created a local notebook - have you checked on Evernote.com to see if there's any content there?

So.  I'd say;  log out of the account and restart your system.  Log in again -being sure you have the correct details- and give it an hour or so.  Do any notes appear?  Check Evernote.com to see what information is there.  Check for your backups.  Do you recall what version of Evernote you were originally using?  It might be helpful to remove the latest version and step back to that setup if we can,  to see whether it can 'find' your notes.

But reach out to Evernote and see what the support team suggest - give them the URL of this page so they have some background...

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In addition to what Gaz said, I would suggest searching for a note that you know is in that notebook to see what is found.  Maybe the notebook was accidently moved to another, creating a stack.  If you have a lot of notebooks you may not notice this (speaking from experience) and think it is gone, but it could still be there, just maybe not where you thought.  It is difficult to accidently delete a notebook and I've been using local notebooks since the early days and have never seen an update harm them in any way.

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HI Gaz and s2sailor, 

Thanks for replying! I apologize for spamming the user-support forum.  I tried searching for individual notes, logged out-in again, and checked the web version, but to no avail. I don't think I have other accounts that I know of.. I guess I will have to contact support now.

Again, thank you so much for replying!

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5 hours ago, superonion said:

My guess is it is gone with some Evernote version updates.

As per @gazumped, a simple update would not result in lost notebooks

However if your database was rebuilt from the Evernote servers, the rebuild would not include local notebooks
These have to be restored manually from your personal backups.

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