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Ola, bom dia!

gostaria de solicitar que fosse incluído novamente uma funcionalidade que foi retirada,  a "seta de refazer"


antigamente tinha essa funcionalidade na versão Web,  a qual permite você retornar a ultima edição de uma mesma nota, caso acidentalmente edite ou apague algo errado.  


pois algumas vezes por algum problema ou erro na internet acabamos apagando alguma informação da nota e tem que ser reescrito uma vez que o botão retornar não existe mais no menu de opções.

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Hello good Morning!

I would like to request that a feature that has been removed be included again, the "redo arrow"

Formerly had this functionality in the Web version, which allows you to return the last edition of the same note if you accidentally edit or delete something wrong.

Because sometimes by some problem or error in the internet we ended up erasing some information of the note and it has to be rewritten once the button returns does not exist anymore in the options menu.



If that feature was a part of the 'old' web version, you may still be able to step back to that layout by going into 'Settings' on the web page.  Going back won't give you access to the information you already lost however - you would need to access Note history for that.

How to access and use note history

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Well I'm really thankfull for all help you fellas provided me,  I've found the feature "Note history" which it will be by great helpfull even though I wish i could do it over my Iphone as well,  could you help just once more ? 

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