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getting a Web clip to go into a specific note


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I have Web clipped a photo of a bird that I would like to place into a specific note. Is there a way I can direct it to go into that note when I clip it (rather than just indicate the notebook and tag it)?

Or, once I have the photo clipped and it's been saved as a note, is there a way I can insert that note into another note?

I'm going on a birding tour, would like to make a note for each day of the tour with a list of birds that are expected to be seen that day, and would like to clip photos of the birds to place beside each bird's name in the note.

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Hi.  It's always useful to know what device you're using to clip these pictures - phone,  tablet,  desktop or web.  In general it's not possible to send a clip to another note,  but you can always merge notes,  or cut/ copy the image from one note and paste it into another,  or save the image to your device (or desktop) and drag/ drop or copy/ paste into the original note.

I would note that Evernote is not exactly a word processor,  so images mixed with text may look.. oddly.. laid out;  but if you're just applying titles or captions to the pics,  that should be fine.  You might want to look into creating a note template with a 2-column table,  one side for text,  and the other for pictures.  Beware also that lots of pics in one note will bulk out the size - remember you have a 25MB per note limit if you have a Basic account,  higher for others.

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