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Onenote section groups allow nesting!

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Been a premium user since 2009, and still use the product often, so I'm not here to bash Evernote. However, one thing that has frustrated myself and others is the inability to create subsections. I recall how this user community pushed hard and Evernote finally acquieced with the Stacks functionality, but you can't have sub stacks.

I use Onenote at work because it's pre-installed on so many systems and we can share/access network located info. In the course of farting around, I recently just discovered that you can nest subsections, thus allowing for  a multi-layered structure.

Screen cap in this message shows this better, but this is very useful and a much needed feature in Evernote. A Single stack has never and will never be good enough. Have tried tags, but over time the quantities get hard to handle use efficiently.

In the example cap provided, you'll see that I stopped at 6 levels. Not sure how many it will take, however, any more than this was causing screen shifting and name truncation oddities when tried on various Windows, Android, web, and Mac platforms. I'd be happy with 3 levels.

Interested in comments from folks who may have tried this.




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Re OneNote subsections: yes, we know.

Re Evernote subnotebooks: this is a topic that's been discussed many many times, over the 8 years that I've been an Evernote user, and is the topic of at least one forum feature request and many forum posts. It's a feature that is "much-needed" by some users, and "unneeded" by others. Some users do make do with hierarchically organized tags. OneNote and Evernote are architecturally different; that's ok: vive la difference. Please search the forums for "nested notebook", "subnotebook", "nested folder", etc., etc. Find a feature request topic, and add your vote/voice.

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I looked at it.  Major downsides for me were: ON doesn't do tags,  the search feature sucks,  and I'd need a handful of third party add-ins to add back some of the Evernote features that I use.  If however you're really really wedded to hierarchies,  then this would appear to be the way to go. 

Evernote have not seemed inclined to make any changes to their standard 'flat' structure despite at least 8 years of lobbying.

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