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Custom Sort Add-on Feature (plus pinned notes)



HI Evernote Team,

1) This is for you developers. More than the current dark mode update there are some features which provide a good usability like the custom sorting. This should have more priority.

I do not accept the current reasoning given by the developer team for not providing this feature.
Just having an additional feature is not going to hurt. We are not asking you to remove existing sorting methods for the notes, we are just asking for an add-on feature.
This is not going to encumber people who are accustomed to existing sorting features. This is just going to ease the lives of additional users. People who want to reap the benefits of existing methods are free to choose their sorting methods.  

So adding the custom sort is going to make lot of users happy. Currently just because there is no custom sort you are losing a lot of customer base and people move to your competitors like one note( no offense, but its the reality. even I considered moving to one note ).

Yes there are work-around for this:
1) creating a new note with custom ordered note links - ( In this case there is no point of having the note view. This is the simple feature we are asking for in the form of sorting )
2) numbering the titles accordingly ( Think about inserting the last note of a  large notebook  somewhere in the middle, the rest of the notes have to be renamed pointlessly )

There is a reason why they are called work-around, because they are not actual solutions!

Customization and ability to edit is actually good. Thats why people don't use type-writers anymore and instead use Text editors in combination with keyboard.

So don't end up being the old fashioned typewriter.

2) So for the pinned note feature. Even in the sorted notes you want some notes to be always on the top or some custom sorted notes to be always fixed in that particular order.

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