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evernote stalling

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Hi, I'm having a problem with EN just stopping. It could be 20s or a minute+. It's sometimes during sync but most times not. It always happens within the 1st 5 minutes of EN startup and then generally always sometime during a long note creation (often 20-30s here). Occasionally it stops when searching or scrolling notes.  I've reported this to support but to date there hasn't been a resolution.   Do others have this problem? Is it something just to live with or is there a resolution? Any ideas what causes it?


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Hi.  What version of Windows?  I'm on Win10 with no obvious freezes going on...  Try opening Tools > Options > Sync and unticking 'instant sync' and 'sync in background',  then check your > Note options and scroll down to Context.  Untick that too.  (That's how mine is set up.)

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