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How to lock a body text in a note to avoid changing accidentally?

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(Question is about Evernote's PC version)

Imagine, I’m going to change a headline, add a few tags or so on, but I think I’ve changed or deleted a word, line or even a paragraph by chance by myself!, and I don’t know what was it and where section exactly has changed, removed or edited. Also this scenario can be happen by chance, like when I left the room and somebody like a child want to play with the computer and do it without they're aware of what they're doing to my job!

How can I lock my body text/article while I edit its headline, add tags, or do something else on a note to prevent any human error on my text? I know “Encrypt selected text…” feature in right-click menu, but it hides text, I want visible text but can’t be edit / change by chance. In Adobe InDesign software, you can lock a text box to avoid changing its text accidentally, I’m looking for something like that in Evernote! J


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Hi.  Synpathies with the problem.  I've been owned by cats who seem to think they'll make life easier for me by climbing on the keyboard so I can fuss them more easily... and I've had playful little kiddywinkles run around like maniacs and trip over the wrong power cables at the worst moments...

There's nothing that would help you avoid such issues in Evernote,  except that if you're a Premium subscriber you have access to Note History;  so if there's been a change (and you notice it) you can step back to a previous version.  Otherwise the options are:  lock the keyboard whenever you leave the device,  close the lid if it's a laptop,  keep frequent backups...  basically any security option for the device.   In general I don't thinks folks will be keen on a feature that means an extra keypress or two before editing their own notes - the mobile apps have flipped between touch-to-edit and an edit button a couple of times now,  and one section of the user base always objects to whatever's in place at the time...

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1 hour ago, MasoudMM said:

How can I lock my body text/article while I edit its headline, add tags, or do something else on a note to prevent any human error on my text?

This is a feature request.  You could add your vote to the post below (voting buttons in the top left corner of the discussion)

My process is to convert contents to PDF format if I'm done with editing.


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Another thing you can do is make a copy/duplicate of the note before you edit it.  Keep one version back to ease the fears.  But, as stated above, no way to lock text in a note at this point.

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