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When evernote will have Proper PDF thumbnail generation!



Im using evernote to store documents, and evernote is really great tool but the fact that pdf documents aren't automatically thumbnailed is just annoying. what I need to do to achieve what i want is print screen/save as jpg first page of pdf and paste it in top of note and then i can paste pdf and view it as attachment, cause pdfs in notes not viewed as attachments looks terrible! please fix this before all kinds of crazy mojo jojo updates that you every month notify me!

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I understand your suffering !

I also like to read a lot of PDFs and annotate them. Each PDF is a subject I'm studying and of course, resides on a single note.

But, the thumbnail is ugly and also, it is very cumbersome to work with PDF annotation.

I think that also, if PDFs worked just like Office Files, that you save them and they're stuffed back smoothly into your note, that would be great !

And , Yes, I also think that Evernote crowd does a lot of things that are irrelevant. 

They need to improve a lot the note editor itself cause primarily Evernote is a NOTE TAKING app. Not a presentation tool , not a sharing tool. 

It needs to be primarily very good at taking your own notes.

Anyway, thanks !







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