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Thumbnail photo - 6yrs and still not there!



So have just decided to buy the (first) year subscription. I should also mention that I have bought it ONLY for food recipes (i'm on a strict diet for medical condition) so have decided to search and fine what works and stick to it.

Having said that, I came here to look for ways to govern what image is chosen as the thumbnail view within a note, and I'm shocked to see that there has been requests dating back to 2011 and this feature (as far as I see) is still not there. I believe it was all free back then, but surely now after paying $50 you would expect such a simple feature to be availble. Or forget choosing which image, how about just setting a rule for first or last image. 

It's beyond ridiculous and it has made me regret purchasing this. Should have gone with Pinterest for this particular purpose. You would think this is

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This is indeed very disappointing. Expecting your customers to endlessly resize photo's to accommodate YOU Evernote is not a way to treat paying costumers. Nor is expecting them to device elaborate tagging systems to find notes. Setting thumbnail images is a highly necessary feature:

1. Sifting through large numbers of notes, let alone finding something that was misplaced, without meaningful thumbnail images is hardly possible and a waste of valuable time.

2. Presenting a notebook to a client that does not look good (aka having a ridiculous thumbnail image) is bad for business.

3. Having your employees adopt Evernote as the company system hinges on how easily they can use it and how easily they can find things.

4. Resizing photo's takes time and is a pain. Imagine doing, and regularly redoing, that for hundreds of notes.

4. Expecting users to keep working around this for years is not a way to treat paying costumers. We are wasting time and thus money.

Solve this with top priority!

Minimal viable solution (and if you are not working scrum I strongly advise you start doing so now) is having the top image in a note being chosen as the thumbnail. The solution however that your paying customers are asking for is being able to right click any image in a note and setting it as thumbnail image.

Do not underestimate how much this is a deal breaker to your customers. -> If you love your company than print this out and stick it on your product owner's computerscreen.


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