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Allow User To Set Note Link Style

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Please create a setting so the user can set a default style/format for their link notes.  Currently (on Windows desktop) when I right-click and "Copy Note Link" and paste that link into another note, the hyperlink is light green and not underlined.  The text of the link is the title of the copied note, so when it's inline with other text, you don't even notice it's a link because it's not underlined.  It's tedious to have to change the font color and apply an underline to a link every time a note link is created... just to make it stand out.  If the link (note title) is not underlined, it merely looks like some text that is green for emphasis.  Even if I couldn't set a default color for a copied notes link, at the very least, would you please allow me to make all copied note links be underlined by default so I don't have to manually do that each time?

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