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Google Docs Integrations & Link Format

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Hello - 

A recent update to evernote has changed the way google drive files interact with notes. I link a lot of google drive files (and other links, etc) as project organizers, but the update makes it so that instead of a crisp hyperlink it comes in as a big "file balloon", for lack of better description. The attached file shows "Survey - Admin/Public" links in the new format, while I'd like them to display the same way they used to, as shown by "Sample Link."

I can't find anything in settings to change this back to the old, standard link format, and the big balloons really make my notes unwieldy quickly. Does anyone know how to change this back to the old way with standard hyperlinks, and ignore google drive integration?



Screen Shot 2016-12-30 at 2.04.07 PM.png

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Hi.  I'm not sure that you could deactivate the Google Drove integration without taking out other recent features.  Do you have an option to 'activate beta features and updates'? Unticking that might help,  but other features might also stop working...

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2 hours ago, seamusmcaffrey said:

Unfortunately I don't see any option that would allow me to do that. I'd happily ditch other features to get rid of these giant balloons... Oh Well; thanks for the suggestion!

Hi @seamusmcaffrey,

You can revoke access to the Drive integration in your account settings here:


After revoking access to the integration, you should be able to paste the link back into the note as a hyperlink.

I hope that helps.

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5 minutes ago, seamusmcaffrey said:

Hey! Thanks for the recommendation. Unfortunately, I have tried this and even with google access revoked, it still won't let me input links as a regular hyperlink. Now the drive "balloons" come up and just say "google unavailable" instead of "connect now." 

Try unchecking "Show descriptive links" under the Note tab in Options.

EDIT: Didn't see that this was in the Mac forum. Check if there is a similar option in the Mac version.

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5 hours ago, seamusmcaffrey said:

So much for linking docs in evernote, this doesn't work.

File links to other online storage services are working fine for me,  as is my Google Drive - I don't mind the larger (and more informative) links.  To get yours back,  try reversing whatever unticking and revoking you may have tried thus far.  As a semi-sneaky thought,  if you're continuing to use links,  could you bury the URL in a link like this one ? - (which only leads back to this thread,  but you get the picture.)

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Not sure what you meant by "burying it in a link" but, I did find a solution in case anyone else happens across this:

When making a link you can just select PART of a line of text so if I wanted to create a "small" link out of the word model, I would do the following:


Where I select only "Model" and leave out the colon. This creates an in-line text link, rather than the big bubble link. Then I just remove the colon and ... all better!

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Selecting part of a sentence eliminates the ugly giant balloon, but it forces me to put extra text around the link text, and then delete it once I've created the actual link :(

But, then, it leaves me with a silly paperclip icon just before the link text.



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4 hours ago, sjul said:

Selecting part of a sentence eliminates the ugly giant balloon

Hi  ...Ugly giant balloon ??  I couldn't work exactly out what you're seeing from the description,  but it seems a lot different from the Google links that I see - can you give us a screenshot or two of what this looks like?

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7 hours ago, gazumped said:

Hi  ...Ugly giant balloon ??  I couldn't work exactly out what you're seeing from the description,  but it seems a lot different from the Google links that I see - can you give us a screenshot or two of what this looks like?

Thanks for responding. Here's my problem in visuals.

What I want (plain text links):


What I can get by fiddling each link anchor manually (silly paperclip icons – bad enough in a list, excruciating embedded in text):


What I get by default (ugly giant balloons):



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Hmmn.  No way to remove that icon that I'm aware of - it indicates an external attachment from Google Drive.  You may want to start a votable new feature request in Mac Product Feedback to change it. - This thread started before the voting options were available so anyone who wants to support you could go to the new thread to register their continued interest.  (You might want to publish the link to your new request back here...)

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For me, this boxy format of the google links is only occurring in the desktop version of ever-note. It doesn't appear on the web based version of EN. Not good, because I prefer to use the desktop version since it is more efficient.  And yes, it doesn't matter if you've connected EN to your google drive or not. The boxy link format persist regardless. I just want to be able to create a simple hyperlink again.  It's also breaking my tables, if the table is resized down (like for mobile) it can't be re-sized back up again. 

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I've experienced similar behaviors with Google services connected and disconnected. Coincidentally, prior to seeing this thread, I placed a support ticket yesterday related to this same issue and have a related forum thread going as well where I've pointed support to. Here's another reason this boxed Google link format is a bad thing: It breaks the text wrapping and the ability to resize columns in tables. The ability to resize columns has important implications in mobile environments and user experience.

Note: the boxy appearance is only forced in my desktop version (I'm using Windows 10). The online/web version of EN is unaffected by this boxed forced appearance phenomenon; however, in the online/web version of EN, hyperlinks take on a lighter blue color and sometimes more characters are generated for the hyperlink than you intended.

Of interest, while text wrapping and the boxy format appears (in variations) in both the desktop and web versions, if you share a note through a public link, the appearance is as you would normally expect it, except for some extra characters in the hyperlinks. Text wrapping in the shared link iteration remains unaffected.

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This just started happening to me today -- this not really a solution but may be helpful to some: I use Evernote on Mac/iPhone exclusively w/o Google integration set up. No problem for years - Evernote added a little favicon to the left of Drive links pasted directly in as mentioned above, but they weren't visible when I added display text to the link and there wasn't the whole bubble thing. Anyway, I logged into Evernote web and viewed the note to check something and viola... synced back to my desktop and bubbles!

I tried testing with a few test notes and this pattern *seems* to hold: I can create/edit a note with drive links just fine on my Mac; as soon as I edit the note on web (viewing on web may be fine, but haven't tested extensively), the synced note on Desktop is all bubbly.

That said, it *seems* I can delete the original text on Mac, insert new links and they appear normal (and continue to appear normal after sync). And the behavior does not happen on new notes I create. So for whatever reason it appears I'm experiencing a somewhat different problem than JodyHealth.com is.

My current solve: "Never use Evernote web" ... which, ok.



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