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New Web Version and Losing Notebooks


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 I don't know if this has happened to anyone else, but after I switched to the new web version, when I clicked on my notebooks, some of them weren't showing up, and if I scrolled up and down the list, eventually all of them would vanish. When I switched back to the old version, the problem went away. Too bad, really, because the new version is a lot cleaner - but while clean is great, not having access to all of my notebooks is a real non-starter.

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The new web version is just an interface that pulls from the server copy of your database.  No apparent reason why it would be unable to display exactly the same information in a new format.  Restarting the browser or your system after the change over might help.  The web client is expected to get some TLC later this year,  so keep an eye on blog posts and updates...

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