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(Archived) Feature request: Consistent crossplatform editing

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I'm using Evernote on Windows (at work) and on Mac (at home).

The thing I truly wish for (for Cristmas maybe) is consistent editing cross-platform. That is editing of new and existing notes created in Evernote - not web-clips, pdfs or whatever.

Let me give you few examples:

On the Mac side I can tabulate my text using a table - this feature is not available on Windows.

A font choice on either side (for ex. to a monospace for tabular viewing) seems to be ignored when sync'ed to the other platform.

The same happens to bold, underscore a.s.o.

In some of the notes I create - actually quite a few - the formatting is important, at least when used as quick references in work (or work-related) situations.

Are the above mentioned features wishful thinking or is it possible - without resorting to an external editor like word or whatever?

I love using Evernote. So read the above as an attempt to fix something that really bugs me on a daily basis. I like the feature-set of the internal editor just fine and if I need more heavy-duty editing I'll switch to Word, Excel, ... The only problem is that the features on the non-mobile platforms are out of sync, so to speak.



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Would it be possible to get a short response from Evernote on this one, please? This is a daily occurence for me. I can't be the only user with this.

Am I asking for the moon or is it possible for you do something like this in a future version.

I'm not asking for full editing on mobile devices. Just for the feature of a note being editable (in the same way) on Windows and Mac.

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Thanks for the feedback. Editing improvements are constantly ongoing, but there's definitely more areas for improvement. The clients use different operating system frameworks, which occasionally give some feature "for free" on one OS (like PDF support on the Mac). As a result, we may choose to expose something on one platform before the other rather than "sitting on it" until we can do the comparable work.

This is a conscious choice ... we'd rather improve each platform as much as possible, rather than limit each to the "lowest common denominator", but that means we need to periodically catch up and sync up the platforms to deal with inconsistencies.


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If you need pixel-identical formatting on all platforms, then a PDF document is probably the best solution. On the Mac, you can Print any document to PDF (e.g. a web page) to exactly preserve the appearance of that document, and there are some free drivers for Windows that can give the same capabilities to print to PDF.

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