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Color swatch resets upon rotation when annotating



Picture you are in the supermarket or hardware store with a scanned list of items to get. You can use the annotation tool in yout note to cross off the items you want in your scanned list (why type it over, scanning is faster!), Very handy. When the screen rotates the swatch resets to the biggest pen (too big for an avaerage note) and the color resets to pink (although pretty, I was using green). Very annoying to say the least!

Please make the selection persistent or at least selectable by default, e.g. if I use the marker tool pen size one below large, do not reset this all the time to uber large and pink! Just use the last set pen (which it does as the marker setting is persisted), but also the size and colour. This would save me a lot of cross out frustrations.

To reproduce:

  • Open a note with a scanned pic
  • Long press to get the annotation
  • Select a small pen, color green
  • Tilt the screen
  • Color and pen and reset to default


- Jorgen

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