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Evernote Windows Conflict w/Office 2016

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2 hours ago, Steven J said:

My Windows version of Evernote stopped syncing when Office 2016 was installed on my Windows 7 laptop.  I've upgraded and fully uninstalled and reinstalled with no luck being able to sync again.  Any thoughts?

I use Office 2016 with Evernote on Windows 10 with no problems. I know there are those here with Win7 that also have no issues.

I would uninstall Evernote, then clear it totally with Revo Uninstaller which will totally purge any Evernote files, then reboot, then reinstall.

THere isn't, AFAIK, any compatibility issues. It just seems in your instance for some reason, The Office installer stepped on something it shouldn't have and confused Evernote.

If all of your notes are sync'd, you are fine. If you have offline only notebooks, you'll need to ensure you have a backup of your database. You won't have any unless you specifically created them. EN always does online by default, which means they are backed up on EN's server.

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